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The Social Forestry Project was started in Jammu & Kashmir as a World Bank aided Project in 1981-82, initially for a period of five years. The Project was extended up-to 1990-91. Since then the Project works had continued as an activity under the State funding, to provide fuel-wood in the shortest possible time and to provide poles, small timber, fodder fruits and other minor forest products for basic requirements of the rural poor.

In the year 2001, vide Government Order No : 640-GAD of 2001 dated : 14-06-2001, the organization created under the World Bank assistance, was decided to be closed down and remained in the process of winding up till 10/2004 with a very low capital component.

The Government vide order No: 481-FST of 2004 dated: 28-10-2004 converted the Social Forestry Project into a full-fledged Department, enabling it to take up plantations on forest/non-forest lands on a massive scale in the following categories of plantations:-

  1. Raising of Village Wood Lots
  2. Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests.
  3. Raising of Strip Plantation.
  4. Farm Forestry.
  5. Institutional Plantations.


The Department also creates nurseries to produce planting stocks, raise plantations, distributes plant material to the people (rural/urban), farmers, Govt. agencies for planting in their premises/fields with an ultimate goal of greening the J&K, improving the environment, generating the employment and conserving the natural forests.



Afforestation activities in forest as well as non-forest areas with active involvement of people/panchayat under various schemes, primarily to increase green cover and reduce pressure on natural forests. The community lands, marginal lands, fringe areas, riverbank belts, Govt. lands, forest lands, roads, railway tracks, waste lands, abandoned areas, dumping sites - all come under the purview of the afforestation programme by the Department.

Plantation on scientific lines, climate change mitigation, poverty alleviation and people’s empowerment is the vision for the Department.


To increase tree cover, specially trees outside forests with people’s participation under following schemes:-

  1. Village Wood Lot
  2. Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests
  3. Strip Plantation
  4. Institutional Plantation.
  5. Farm Forestry/Plant Distribution


  1. To carry out a need based and time bound programme of afforestation with special emphasis on fuel wood and fodder development.
  2. To provide plants to people to increase tree cover outside the forests.
  3. To provide specialized technical know-how in the field of the farm forestry and tree planting.
  4. To provide livelihood/employment opportunities to locals by involving/engaging them in plantation initiatives.
  5. Reducing pressure on natural forests for wood/ timber/ grazing etc by promoting TOF.
  6. Awareness about importance of trees/plantations.
  7. People’s participation working with panchayats, women and young people in Social Forestry activities.


  1. District Sector
  2. CAPEX.
  3. CAMPA
  4. Any Other afforestation scheme/work entrusted to the Department

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