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11-05-2024231-41Tender Opening Committee - Jammu Region-2024-25
11-05-2024222-30Tender Opening Committee - Kashmir Region-2024-25
10-02-2024113Section-4 (RTI)
10-02-2024111Contact-Social Forestry Officers
10-02-2024112CPIO-CAPIO-FAA-Department of Social Forestry
14-12-20231126-37Bamboo Auction-Kathua-Jammu-Udhampur
02-12-20231086-97Short Term Auction Notice-Srinagar and Anantnag
02-12-20231098-1104Abbreviated Auction Notice-Srinagar and Anantnag
09-11-2023953-66Short Term Auction Notice-Jammu, Kahtua, Udhampur, Ramban and Poonch
09-11-2023967-76Abbreviated Auction Notice-Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur, Ramban, Poonch
15-09-2023790Draft Jammu and Kashmir Social Forestry (Gazetted) Service Recruitment Rules- Invitation of Objections, if any.
14-09-2023646-49Representation of Sh. Tariq Ahmad Shah, Ex.SFW seeking therein to treat his resignation as VRS.
05-09-2023306-23Rollout of Task Scheduler Application across Government Offices- Nomination of Nodal Officer for the Department of Social Forestry thereof.
09-08-2023234-50National Human Rights Commission-Nomination of Nodal Officers in respect of Department of Social Forestry.
25-07-202322 of 2023Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019- Appointment of Complaint Officer (SF) thereof.
06-06-202344 of 2023Appointment of Grievance Redressal Officer for Persons with Disabilities and maintenance of Register of complaints as per RPWD Act, 2016 and rules thereunder for Department of Social Forestry, JK.
17-05-202334 of 2023Internal Complaint Committee-Women at Work Place
01-04-20239 of 2023Unauthorized absence from duty of Shri Mohd Rashid S/O Jamal Din, Helper/Jr. Mali-termination of services thereof.
17-04-202313 of 2023Appointment of Sh. Mohd. Sikander Malla (Helper/Junior Mali) on fake Date of Birth & Qualification certificate: Termination of his services- Regarding.
17-04-202314 of 2023Disciplinary action in the case of Shortfall in plantation works in Lamberi Range of Social Forestry Division, Rajouri.
10-04-202311Appointment of Sh. Mohd. Amin Thoker, (Helper/Junior Mali) on Fake date of birth & qualification certificate: Termination of his services-reg.
09-12-20221 of 2022-23e-Auction of Poplars to be carried out by Social Forestry Division, Baramulla.
27-12-2022DIR/DSF/C&E/1828-43Revised Standard Operating Procedure for felling of Plantations as per Management Plan in Social Forestry-Circular thereof.
17-12-2022DIR/DSF/Estt/1020-35Entry of updated qualification details - Cirular Instructions thereof.
16-11-2022-FAA PIO
26-11-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1982-96Circular-Jan Abhuiyan My Town My Pride-II
15-11-20221897-1912Auction Notice-Bamboo-Kathua
21-10-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1762-77Auction Notice-Jammu Region
17-10-2022696-714Jan Abhiyan-Circular
24.09.2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1594-1613Auction Notice-Kashmir Region
27-08-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1256-67Auction Notice-Srinagar, Anantnag and Pulwama
05-08-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1154-61Auction Notice, Kashmir Region
26-08-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1204-17Auction Notice, Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur and Poonch
01-06-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/594-600Auction Notice- Jammu/Poonch
24-05-2022DIR/DSF/Estt/327-43Circular-Direct Correspondence
12-04-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/89-99Tender Opening Committee-J-2022-23
12-04-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/100-108Tender Opening Committee-K-2022-23
31-03-2022DIR/DSF/Estt/1502-16Circular- Grievance rederssal through proper channel.
05-03-20222042-50Abbreviated Auction Notice-Srinagar-Pulwama-Anantnag and Baramulla
05-03-20222029-41Short Term Auction Notice, Srinagar, Pulwama, Anantnag and Baramulla
16-11-2021-Designation of Central Public Information Officers/Central Assistant Public Infromation Officers and Appellate Authroites for the Department of Social Forestry as per Section 5 (1), 5(2) and Section 19 of RTI Act-2005.
15-11-20211386-91Auction Notice-Jammu
15-11-20211380-85Auction Notice-Udhampur
13-11-20211352-57Auction Notice-Anantnag
08-11-20211264-71Auction Notice-Baramulla-Pulwama-Srinagar
03-11-20211237-47Auction Notice-Jammu Region
07-09-2021862-80Auctions (e-mode)-Public Notice
17-07-2021197-213Reivew of Performance of the employees in terms of SRO-324 and Article 226 (2) of J&K CSR
14-07-2021612-27Involvement of PRIs in Social Forestry works-Circular
05-07-2021572-87Direction Office Visit-Circular
03-07-202178-80Transfer of Sweeper
02-07-2021540-555Claims of Proprietorship over Village Woodlots on private community and other lands-circualr directions.
02-07-2021523-40General Cleanliness and Punctuality in the Offices-reg
17-06-2021103-106Acceptance of resignation of Shri Ravinder Pandita
05-06-2021188-94Timely submission of APRs-Circular
12-06-202124 of 2021Internal Complaint Committee-Women at workplace
09-06-2021331-41Auction Notice-Jammu Region
16-06-2021263-75Internal Audit Committee
17-06-202151--18Tender Opening Committee-2021-22-Kashmir Region
17-06-2021501-10Tender Opening Committee-2021-22-Jammu Region
09-12-2020817Auction Notice-Kashmir Region
22-09-2020149-58Tender Opening Committee-2020-21-Kashmir Region
19-09-2019426-35Tender Opening Committee-2020-21-Jammu Region
25-04-201939 of 2019Internal Complaint Committee-Women at Work Place
04-02-201923 of 2019Appointment of SFWs (Waiting List)
18-01-201914 of 2019Termination of services of Shri Satesh Kumar Gupta, Orderly in light of J&K CSR Article 128-I
14-11-201891 of 2018Cancellation of Appointments of SFWs
04-10-201880 of 2018Appointment of SFWs
16-08-201874 of 2018Termination of Services of Shri Sidharth Negi, JA under J&K CSR-128-I
22-06-2018496-511Administrative Inspections of Subordinate Offices
09-06-2018726-40Allotment affunds through BEAMS under the head 364-Wages (Outsourcing) for the year 201 8-19.
15-01-20181670-73Final Show Cause Notice to Satesh Gupta, Orderly
11-02-20171587-1601Direct Correspondance-reg
07-01-20171410-23Tentative Seniority-Foresters
13-06-2016193Consideration Order-24-CLs
03-06-2016341-56Submission of GP Fund Cases
20-01-20162020-34Posting/Placement on Higher Positions-reg
23-01-20162066-81Timely Disbursement of Salary
20-01-20162035-49Pending Insitu Cases
13-11-2015343 of 2015Transfer Order issued by Range Officers
24-12-2012711-35Redsignation of Helpers
2-06-2023DIR/DSF/M&E/2808-19Auction Notice-Jammu-Kahtua-Poonch

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