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17-05-202334 of 2023Internal Complaint Committee-Women at Work Place
17-04-202313 of 2023Appointment of Sh. Mohd. Sikander Malla (Helper/Junior Mali) on fake Date of Birth & Qualification certificate: Termination of his services- Regarding.
17-04-202314 of 2023Disciplinary action in the case of Shortfall in plantation works in Lamberi Range of Social Forestry Division, Rajouri.
10-04-202311Appointment of Sh. Mohd. Amin Thoker, (Helper/Junior Mali) on Fake date of birth & qualification certificate: Termination of his services-reg.
01-04-20239 of 2023Unauthorized absence from duty of Shri Mohd Rashid S/O Jamal Din, Helper/Jr. Mali-termination of services thereof.
09-12-20221 of 2022-23e-Auction of Poplars to be carried out by Social Forestry Division, Baramulla.
27-12-2022DIR/DSF/C&E/1828-43Revised Standard Operating Procedure for felling of Plantations as per Management Plan in Social Forestry-Circular thereof.
17-12-2022DIR/DSF/Estt/1020-35Entry of updated qualification details - Cirular Instructions thereof.
16-11-2022-FAA PIO
26-11-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1982-96Circular-Jan Abhuiyan My Town My Pride-II
15-11-20221897-1912Auction Notice-Bamboo-Kathua
21-10-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1762-77Auction Notice-Jammu Region
17-10-2022696-714Jan Abhiyan-Circular
24.09.2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1594-1613Auction Notice-Kashmir Region
26-08-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1204-17Auction Notice, Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur and Poonch
27-08-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1256-67Auction Notice-Srinagar, Anantnag and Pulwama
05-08-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/1154-61Auction Notice, Kashmir Region
01-06-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/594-600Auction Notice- Jammu/Poonch
24-05-2022DIR/DSF/Estt/327-43Circular-Direct Correspondence
12-04-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/89-99Tender Opening Committee-J-2022-23
12-04-2022DIR/DSF/M&E/100-108Tender Opening Committee-K-2022-23
31-03-2022DIR/DSF/Estt/1502-16Circular- Grievance rederssal through proper channel.
05-03-20222042-50Abbreviated Auction Notice-Srinagar-Pulwama-Anantnag and Baramulla
05-03-20222029-41Short Term Auction Notice, Srinagar, Pulwama, Anantnag and Baramulla
13-11-20211352-57Auction Notice-Anantnag
16-11-2021-Designation of Central Public Information Officers/Central Assistant Public Infromation Officers and Appellate Authroites for the Department of Social Forestry as per Section 5 (1), 5(2) and Section 19 of RTI Act-2005.
15-11-20211386-91Auction Notice-Jammu
15-11-20211380-85Auction Notice-Udhampur
08-11-20211264-71Auction Notice-Baramulla-Pulwama-Srinagar
03-11-20211237-47Auction Notice-Jammu Region
07-09-2021862-80Auctions (e-mode)-Public Notice
14-07-2021612-27Involvement of PRIs in Social Forestry works-Circular
02-07-2021523-40General Cleanliness and Punctuality in the Offices-reg
02-07-2021540-555Claims of Proprietorship over Village Woodlots on private community and other lands-circualr directions.
05-07-2021572-87Direction Office Visit-Circular
03-07-202178-80Transfer of Sweeper
17-07-2021197-213Reivew of Performance of the employees in terms of SRO-324 and Article 226 (2) of J&K CSR
17-06-202151--18Tender Opening Committee-2021-22-Kashmir Region
09-06-2021331-41Auction Notice-Jammu Region
12-06-202124 of 2021Internal Complaint Committee-Women at workplace
05-06-2021188-94Timely submission of APRs-Circular
16-06-2021263-75Internal Audit Committee
17-06-2021103-106Acceptance of resignation of Shri Ravinder Pandita
17-06-2021501-10Tender Opening Committee-2021-22-Jammu Region
09-12-2020817Auction Notice-Kashmir Region
22-09-2020149-58Tender Opening Committee-2020-21-Kashmir Region
19-09-2019426-35Tender Opening Committee-2020-21-Jammu Region
25-04-201939 of 2019Internal Complaint Committee-Women at Work Place
04-02-201923 of 2019Appointment of SFWs (Waiting List)
18-01-201914 of 2019Termination of services of Shri Satesh Kumar Gupta, Orderly in light of J&K CSR Article 128-I
14-11-201891 of 2018Cancellation of Appointments of SFWs
04-10-201880 of 2018Appointment of SFWs
16-08-201874 of 2018Termination of Services of Shri Sidharth Negi, JA under J&K CSR-128-I
09-06-2018726-40Allotment affunds through BEAMS under the head 364-Wages (Outsourcing) for the year 201 8-19.
22-06-2018496-511Administrative Inspections of Subordinate Offices
15-01-20181670-73Final Show Cause Notice to Satesh Gupta, Orderly
11-02-20171587-1601Direct Correspondance-reg
07-01-20171410-23Tentative Seniority-Foresters
03-06-2016341-56Submission of GP Fund Cases
13-06-2016193Consideration Order-24-CLs
23-01-20162066-81Timely Disbursement of Salary
20-01-20162020-34Posting/Placement on Higher Positions-reg
20-01-20162035-49Pending Insitu Cases
13-11-2015343 of 2015Transfer Order issued by Range Officers
24-12-2012711-35Redsignation of Helpers

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